All are available as virtual classes

Pictorial Art Quilts

1 Hr Lecture/ Trunk Show 

The desire to transform a photo into a priceless, unique, quilt has been stirring within you. However, understanding concepts such as “Drawing with ink on cotton” and “raw-edge appliqué” sounds incredibly complex, especially when it pertains to creating a quilt. It might even have you visualizing the modern day Michael Angelo because producing something so extravagant, so artsy, can’t be easy right? Wrong! Attend Barbara’s one hour lecture that shares her unique journey of becoming a master of art quilts. The notion that these designs pertain solely to those “Art School” graduates of the quilting arena will quickly dissipate as Barbara uses humor and knowledge to describe the disappointments and successes of becoming an award winning quilter.  Participants will gain enormous insight as Barbara bestows upon her audience the various techniques and products she utilizes, which ultimately brings her captivating pieces to life. So, cast aside your theories of “who” and “how” these one of a kind quilts are made. After one hour, Barbara will have you filled with all the confidence needed to embrace and make pictorial quilts an attainable part of your designing world!

Listen to Your Quilt

1 Hour Lecture/Trunk Show

Hurray, finally piecing your quilt top is complete! Yet as quickly as that joy and excitement fills you, poof it vanishes. Peering down upon your pieced top, anxiety takes center stage when you feel overwhelmed with “quilting” your project. Take part in Barbara’s one hour lecture and trunk show that is sure to bring “AHA” moments to your quilting.  This artist reveals that throughout her personal journey as a longarm quilter/designer she discovered how visually listening to her quilt was instrumental in developing her four-step approach to quilting.  Moreover, it would be the foundation for the publication of her book “Listen to Your Quilt”.  During this session Barbara, will open your eyes to observing, and utilizing, the cues provided from your quilt. And if you allow yourself to listen close enough, and to Barbara, your quilt top will direct you to the most complimentary way of quilting.  Eliminate the guessing game and the unnecessary worrying of quilting by quieting your mind and letting your quilt speak. Trust Barbara, your quilt can speak volumes!


Edge Coloring Applique


6 Hour Class

The technique used in this class is raw-edge appliqué . Using glue basting, no fiusible web and machine applique. We will follow the instructions for using freezer paper, glue and finally appliquéing the edges of your appliqué using your machine. Barbara will also discuss thread, batting and quilting which is what will bring your quilt to life.

Flying Into Free Motion

4 Hour Longarm Class

Imagine producing a beautiful quilt without using the stitch regulator, rulers, AND patterns. Yes, it can be done if you’re willing to spread your wings and fly into “Free Motion”.  During this introductory class that is fun, relaxed, and extremely informative Barbara will release those aspects of quilting that are hindering your creativity from soaring to even greater heights! Allow Barbara to take you under her wing as she teaches you the three basic shapes that are the foundation to all free-motion designs. With support and encouragement she will take the time to assist you with improving quilting habits and demonstrate tips for enhancing your quilting skills. Why quilt standing from the back of the machine when a view of unlimited possiblities awaits you from the front? You may enter this class with some hesitation and uncertainty, but there’s no doubt you’ll leave this class feeling excited and eager to spread your wings and fly into “Free Motion”.  
Barbara would love to come to your guild, shop or event! For more information please use my Contact page.
All are available as virtual classes.