Teaching & Lectures


Listen to Your Quilt

One-hour lecture and trunk show based on my book Listen to Your Quilt. I describe my personal journey as a longarm quilter and how it led me to write this book. We all face the same question when we complete piecing our quilt tops: “How should I quilt this?” My four-step approach will help you eliminate the guessing games and teach you to take your cues directly from your quilt and choose the most complimentary quilting for your quilt.

Detail from

Detail from “Peony” – a pictorial art quilt by Barbara.

Pictorial Art Quilt

This is a one-hour digital slide show and trunk show of the techniques I use to create pictorial quilts. I describe how I use my photos to create a design for the quilts and the many techniques I use to bring the image to life. Some of my quilts are whole-cloth painted with ink and others are painted and also raw-edge appliqued. I will describe all the techniques I use as well as how I then choose to finish the quilt with thread. The quilting is what will give your piece life and dimension. I will discuss thread, batting and products that I use in my quilts.

2015 lecture is $450.00
2016 lecture is $475.00

Longarm Classes

All of the following classes are 4 hours in length and require a longarm machine for me to demonstrate, or as a hands-on class where each student has their own machine. Two of the classes are also offered as drawing classes. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule classes. Prices will be given when the format of your event is decided.

Introduction to Free Motion

This class teaches free-motion quilting with no stitch regulator, rulers or patterns. This is where the fun begins and creativity grows. Learn the basic shapes that are the building blocks to all free-motion designs. This class will open your eyes to all the possibilities. It is time to move from the back of the machine to the front.

Level – beginner
Time – 4 hours

Easy Edge-to-Edge Design I

No need for a pantograph, create your own edge-to-edge designs. Flowers, leaves, squiggles, lines — the possibilities are limitless. Use your favorite motifs and create edge-to edge designs for your quilts. These designs are simple and this class is an introduction to creating custom allover designs. No rulers or marking your tops. Bring your unfinished tops and we will use them for inspiration. Learn how to take you design ideas from the fabrics used in the quilt.

Level – beginner to intermediate
Time – 4 hours

Edge-to-Edge Design II

All of these designs are free-motion quilted with no rulers or marking. Learn designs that are intricate and densely quilted as an edge-to-edge design and see how to make them even smaller and used as background or micro fill. This class is for someone who is comfortable with free-motion quilting and is looking to expand their design choices.

Level – intermediate to advanced
Time – 4 hours

Fill the Spaces

Add custom designs to your toolbox. No marking tools, just use the shapes found in the quilt, squares, triangles, sashings and borders, and fill them up. Much of the quilting will also be done as a continuous line to eliminate unnecessary stops and starts. Take your quilting to the next level.

Level – intermediate
Time – 4 hours

Feathers Feathers Feathers

All feathers are not quilted in the same way. There are many to choose from and different ways to create them. So if you have been unsuccessful quilting feathers maybe you have not found your feather. By the end of class you will find a style and technique that will work for you and as your proficiency grows so will your imagination and the types of feathers you quilt. We will put feathers in borders, blocks and triangles and create all over fill designs. The possibilities are endless, come have fun and find your feather. There is no marking tools needed, all designs are done with free motion quilting.

Level – Intermediate to Advanced
Time – 4 hours

This is also offered as a drawing class – 3 hours

Straight Line Designs

I am always looking for good ideas for sashing and borders and decided to see how many designs I could come up with. I then pieced a 2.5’’ strip pack together as my sample so my initial goal was 40 designs. This class will show you all 40, plus a couple more. You can then use these as building blocks for small fill or even edge-to-edge designs. Let’s see who can add to the list!

Level – beginner to advanced
Time – 4 hours – hands on longarm

This is also offered as a drawing class – 3 hours

Additional workshops are available. Please visit Fourth and Sixth Designs for more details.