Class Samples

I enjoy teaching and want to inspire my students by bringing as many quilts with me as possible. Let face it, quilts are eye candy and actually seeing quilts is so much more informative than speaking about it or drawing designs on paper. My problem is that most of my samples are large quilts and it is difficult to travel with them and hold them up in class. So I have decided to create smaller class samples. More work for me!

The first class I will be working on is Fill the Spaces. This is my favorite way to design, using all the pieced spaces in the quilt and then filling them with quilting. This technique does not require any marking on the quilt because I use the seams as my guidelines.

So feel free to follow along. I will update you on the piecing, why I make more than one sample, what is the significance my fabric choices, batting used and finally the finished quilt.

Sample #1


Made from solid fabrics for a traditional look and solids are a great way to show quilting.

I will be finishing the 1” checkerboard and then add a wide solid border and possibly some more flying geese. I started with a vague idea of what type of quilting techniques I want to show in various shapes and sized. Since I do not design with a computer program, I drew a small sketch and then add and change as I go along.

Trying to keep it small!