Class Sample Done


Well I still have to do the binding, but you know what I mean!

Click image for full size.

Click image for full size.

This is the first of two new class samples. I added changes in scale as examples of how your quilting choices can look very different in small and large areas.
This sample is traditional to me so I used 4 different types of feathers for the borders and used different feather motifs throughout. The scale for the checkerboard if different and this really helped to show how the same fill looks completely different when the size of your blocks changes.

There is thin sashing and a 4’’ border, all using different quilting motifs. Some blocks were left un-quilted to demonstrate how this can affect the look of the quilt and how it is sometimes a better choice than quilting every block. Not many quilts are meant to be show quilts and you have to make choices how to enhance a quilt without over quilting.

All the quilting is free motion with no rulers used for this sample. It will be used next week in my classes at MQX.